Working out of Westmoreland Recording Studio since 2000, Carl Jennings has produced music from around the world.

A fan of many genres and styles, Carl has worked with varied artists including:

The Redhill Valleys, Bill Majoros / The Foreign Films, Dave Rave, Daylight for Deadeyes, Steve Sinnicks, Lee Callaghan, Brenda Brown, Hailee Rose, 40 Sons, Paul Templeton, Johnny Mac Slater, The Fat Cats, Poor Young Things, Infinite I, Radiosilence, Andrea Godin, Jonny Kerr & Shari Dunn, Adam Ostrosser, Steven Elmo Murphy, Nic Armstrong, Yamaha Motorcycle / Boat TV Spots, Lakeport Brewery Radio Spots, Suzuki TV Spots, Sahra Featherstone, Johnny Parente, Danielle Beaudin, The Cunningham Sisters, Jeff Heisholt, Stumbleweed, Annie Marleau, Bill Dillon, Trevor Howard, Shannan Quinn, Michael Maguire, Joe Dexter, 2PM, Melissa Paxton, Derek Morgan, Faceless Tomorrow, Annette Haas, 40 Daze, Johnny Mac Slater, Kerry Anne Wilson, Mark Crissinger, Magnetic Love, Kayla Randall, Hey Brother!, Porcelain Youth, Kevin O'Brien, Dz, City and the Sea, Dred.

"My goal is to help deliver the best possible song and performance from the artist to the listener". Carl Jennings
Owner / Producer